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​The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Let's Talk About Prevention

​The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Let's Talk About Prevention

There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding healthcare these days, and there are likely to be many changes ahead. One thing that's unlikely to change? A focus on prevention—one that touches healthcare marketing.

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, bringing with it extended coverage of preventive health services, healthcare began to move from primarily being reactive to being more proactive.

Healthcare consumers were encouraged to take responsibility for their health by taking preventive steps, including having regular checkups and age-appropriate screenings, exercising regularly, eating a more healthful diet and quitting smoking.

Along with a new focus on prevention for consumers came a new emphasis on prevention in medical care. Even payment models have evolved—in many cases, medical providers are now rewarded for keeping patients out of the hospital rather than in it.

So, How Does This Impact Healthcare Marketing?

Because healthcare has shifted to a more proactive model, marketing has had to adjust to reflect that change.

In the past, healthcare communications sent to the community often largely focused on care that hospitals and medical providers offered in the case of an illness or injury. But the key to any type of communication is that it must be useful and relevant to the audience.

Which means that communications—whether in a direct mail format or a digital message of some type—need to evolve with the times and now focus on providing consumers with helpful information that guides them in living a healthy lifestyle.

Have you made a change in the communications your hospital or practice is sending out to the community? It doesn't have to be a painful change!

To help consumers take the best possible care of themselves, you want to arm them with useful information. The basics of a healthy lifestyle don't change really. Because of that, you want to constantly be thinking of new and out-of-the-box approaches to common topics like exercise and nutrition. This will help keep your communications fresh and interesting for readers—which will establish your medical providers as the experts and ultimately drive ROI.

Not all of your content needs to focus on prevention. And even the "softer" content that talks about a healthy lifestyle can mention the services you provide to diagnose and treat medical conditions. You just want to wrap the details about those services in an article that provides tangible information that readers can put to work in their lives.

Ready to make your hospital's content more about prevention? We can help your marketing team gear your message to your audience—in a way that has them relying on your hospital when healthcare is needed. Want to learn more about what we offer? Call 302.454.7901.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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