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Stretching Limited Resources: Incorporating Social Media into Nonprofit Organization's Strategy

Stretching Limited Resources: Incorporating Social Media into Nonprofit Organization's Strategy

​Written by: Caitlin Donohue, Public Relations Intern

It takes a village to make a nonprofit organization succeed, and many times that village comprises a small, dedicated staff working with minimal resources. With tight budgets and limited help, leaders in nonprofit organizations must use all their resources to implement innovative marketing tactics. Incorporating social media into your nonprofit business strategy is a simple way to engage with an audience, keep key players informed and recruit donors.

Connect social media to your big picture
When you're ready to create your social media plan, ask yourself the following questions: What are our goals? What strategies can get us there? How can social media fit into the equation? A quarterly meeting can get the ball rolling and enables your team to integrate social media into your communication strategy. Making a social media calendar and setting small goals will help you launch your social initiatives without taking up too much time and manpower.

Choose the right channels
You can choose from many social media platforms to put your organization on the map. The truth is, you don't need all of them. If you can't make social media a top priority, grow your presence slowly by giving attention to one or two outlets. Facebook and Twitter are easy platforms that allow for quality engagement with your target audience. Consider analyzing how your competitors are communicating with their audiences to find the most efficient ways to engage in your community.

Make a big impact with small changes
Integrating social media into your communication strategy does not need to take up a lot of time. Buffer Social, a social media blog, preaches that nonprofit social media strategy should be threefold: appreciation, advocacy and appeals. Take the time to appreciate your donors, advocate for likeminded organizations and engage with others in your community, and make appeals for donations. Start a conversation! Get to know the leaders and influencers in your community. Highlight you donors, events and accomplishment with pictures and video. Focusing on these three goals can guide your social media strategy and make the most out of your social presence.

You may not be able to build a social media team overnight, but taking small steps to build your presence online can have a major impact on your organization. Innovative marketing tactics are not reserved for brands with big budgets. Any nonprofit can use social media to its advantage through small changes, good organization and delivering the proper content.

Ready to incorporate social media into your nonprofit's marketing plan? We can help you develop an online presence that will get your organization on the map. Want to learn more about what we offer? Call 302.454.7901.

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